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The Curse of Shurafa

Cover art for the Curse of Shurafa.
Cover art for the Curse of Shurafa

My first ever professionally-released piece of fiction, released June 17th 2015.


“You drank from me, vampire. Shurafa draws closer because of you.”

Barnabas Collins is a desperate man.

In Cairo’s great cemetery, the City of the Dead, an ancient tyrant is plotting his return from the grave, and Barnabas has been chosen to assist in his rebirth.

When the city begins to burn, Barnabas is coerced into assisting his escape by murdering a young girl. But the reluctant vampire faces resistance from his conscience: a brilliant scientist by the name of Julia Hoffman.

Faced with a difficult choice, Barnabas finds that whatever path he takes could result in the loss of his closest friend.

Frankly I feel myself very lucky that I was allowed to pitch for this “slot” in the range. Not only because the world of Dark Shadows is an amazing toybox to be allowed to play with, but also I was given the best of the toys, arguably the three most important characters in the show: Barnabas Collins, Doctor Julia Hoffman and Professor Timothy Stokes.

It went down pretty well too.


The Curse of Shurafa is an intense tale, told strongly… a grisly character piece that will have fans of Dr. Julia Hoffman abuzz… 8/10″ – John Hall, Sci-Fi Bulletin.

“Creepy and compelling, with a pounding rhythm that gets increasingly intense as the story goes on.” – Danny Strong, Dark Shadows Every Day

“Packed to the gills with skin crawling horror and plenty of grist for the mill that is shipping the Barnabas/Julia paring, The Curse of Shurafa is an all around winner of an audio.” – Justin Partridge, The Collinsport Historical Society

Listen to the trailer here:

The Curse of Shurafa is available on CD and download from Big Finish Productions at this very page here.

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