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Good Omens: Adapted from TV

So… one of my favourite things is the Amazon Prime TV adaptation of the Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman novel “Good Omens”. This is my attempt at novelising one of the scenes which isn’t taken from the novel. Just did it as a writing exercise, really, but hopefully I got the style of the original book close enough.

Best Man’s Speech for my “Little” Brother

So on the 18th June 2022 my little brother, Daniel, married Helena: a wonderful woman who he met at Exeter University. I was asked to be best man, which was a great honour. Unfortunately Covid intervened and both Joe and I tested positive for it the day before it was due to take place. Thankfully, through the power of modern technology I was able to give the speech, albeit as a disembodied voice. And here it is!

David and Goliath

I was reminded of this today, and I don’t come out of it too well if truth be told. Basically I’m a credulous fool. But I quite like the prose, which was done during A-Level English when studying Clive James’ “Unreliable Memoirs”. I think I captured the style and I should probably do more in it.

Take Me To Your Heaven

I was reminded this weekend of a rather marvellous day that took place back on Good Friday 2019 where I got to meet the marvellous Eurovision luminaries Nicki French and SuRie and a host of other wonderful people at the Retro Bar in London. This is me eulogising about it.