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Cover Art for Dark Shadows: Bloodline - Volume One
Cover Art for Dark Shadows: Bloodline – Volume One

Bit of a big one this: one in which I am part of a writers’ room for a thirteen part serial – again for the Dark Shadows range. This time, however, it’s Dark Shadows: Bloodline.

It was a tough one this, a really complicated story with much moving around of plot, many twists and turns, and frankly it’s a story that changes gear and direction over and over (this was deliberate to throw off the listener used to the serial that came before it).

Obviously it features the amazing cast of the classic Dark Shadows series, plus our “next generation” characters. And then we only went and bagged Julie Newmar as the iconic character Doctor Julia Hoffman. How awesome is that?


“You know my family. It’s full of secrets we’d never want the world to know…”

In the Great House of Collinwood Amy Jennings and David Collins are finally putting years of tragedy and loss behind them and committing to a life together. And, as the ceremony approaches, friends old and new are drawn to the town at the edge of the sea.

Once again, the tortured vampire, Barnabas Collins, is amongst them. But this time he is not alone. After so many years away, Doctor Julia Hoffman has returned with him, finally convinced she has the means to cure his affliction.

But joy and happiness never last long in Collinsport, for malevolent forces are never far away. Among those gathered for the celebration are some who would conspire to tear the family apart. In this town some wounds refuse to heal, some secrets demand to be heard, and some sins cry out to be punished.

Welcome back to Collinsport. Until death do you part.

And again, we got away with it: we had some pretty darned good reviews from a lot of listeners, including the below ones…


“And the record will show, IT IS FRIGGIN’ GREAT! Chock to the gills with some classic Dark Shadows set ups and wonderfully acted by a game cast, filled with returning favorites and new icons, these opening three [episodes] really bait the trap well for the first “volume”. Bloodline might have been a long time coming, but if these opening episodes are any indication, this series will have been well worth the wait.” – Justin Partridge, Collinsport Historical Society.

“Verdict: Drawing room squabbles accompanied by alcohol! Barnabas and Julia conducting clandestine experiments! It’s four in the afternoon in 1968 all over again! 8/10” John Hall – Sci-Fi Bulletin.

“@darkshadowsbfp’s #Bloodline was absolutely stunning. There was such respect for #DarkShadows, fun with the actors in their varied roles, seeds for exciting future tales, and so many ups and downs- I laughed and cried throughout, especially at in the finale. Well done @bigfinish.” – Dark Shadows Tweeter.

“This genuinely is one of the best Big Finish series I’ve heard. It feels a lot more in keeping with modern podcasting than most Big Finish, with short episodes and strong serialization providing substantial and constantly moving character drama.” – Scriptscribbles.

I’m so very proud of this release. There’s a scene in episode six that I think is one of the best things I’ve ever written (and I’m amazed it made the cut given it advances the plot in no way whatsoever), but everyone involved was at the top of their game. Thanks to Joe and Alan and Aaron and Will and Davy for tolerating me and having me on board. It was a blast.

All of the character trails are over at the Dark Shadows Soundcloud Page.

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